France-Seine River Cruise (August 2011)

Pacific Northwest (July 2012)

Rhine River Cruise (Sept 2012)

Russia and Ukraine (July 2013)

Memphis, TN to New Orleans, La (April, 2014)

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Bucharest to Budapest on the Danube  - 2014


Jim and Pat Zimmerman, former educators, have been traveling extensively since their retirement. Both hail from Shamokin, Pennsylvania, a small town at the southern end of the Anthracite Coal Region. Pat graduated from Shamokin High School and Jim from the rival Coal Township High School in 1957. They now live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and have done independent and group travel. Jim's inspiration for travel is photography. Pat is more interested in the people and their culture. Both love the geography and history of the regions they visit.

This website will highlight the areas of the world where we have traveled. We will try to show you a photo sampling of each area and suggestions for sights to see. We will also include our experiences traveling with groups and traveling on our own; click on our Travel Tips on this page for information. You can access each area of the world by clicking on the selections at the top of the page.

If you have any comments or questions about our website or about any of our trips please Email us at

Pictured:: Pat and Jim At The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Tennessee, USA